damnation-193x300Over at Constant Critic Sueyeun Juliette Lee reviews Janice Lee’s Damnation (Penny-Ante Editions 2013):

A mysterious package containing a strange Bible is delivered to a village and brings with it an immense sense of wretched misery and despair. A pair of exhausted lovers continuously—agonizingly—falls out of love. A young girl is abused by careless, angry elders and the butcher develops a hideous rash. A prose exploration of suffering and time, Janice Lee’s latest collection Damnation moves with poetic elegance and intensity, utilizing narrative elements to examine how dailiness can house biblical Judgment. In her text, the apocalypse is hardly a break with history or the catastrophic launching of a new order. It is instead the profuse stagnation of what we are already trapped in: Damnation is persistence.

YoungTambling-350x323Also at Constant Critic Kate Greenstreet’s brilliant Young Tambling (Ahsahta Press 2013) is reviewed by Ray McDaniel

In lieu of blurbs, the back cover of Young Tambling simply reads Based on a true story. Thanks to the quality of the design, this humble claim is both comic and sort of sublime. It’s comic, of course, because being based on a true story isn’t the sort of criterion by which one represents poetry. One can scarcely imagine a browser picking up a book of poetry and choosing it for purchase because it was based on a true story. But why not? Because poetry isn’t as much of a story as a story is? If so, we could describe poetry as based on truth. And this would be accurate, but also weird, and in that weirdness we can find something essential about folk art, of which the ballad is a prime example, as is the ballad that gives Young Tambling its title.

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W+S6After losing all the physical copies in a move to new offices, unflappable publisher Dan Thomas-Glass, WITH + STAND #6 is now available as a PDF. Featuring brilliant poems by:
Jacqueline Waters, Karla Kelsey, Cara Benson, Jamie Townsend, Evan Kennedy, Jennifer Bartlett, Angela Veronica Wong, Carley Moore, Richard Owens, Phoebe Wayne, Tiffany Denman, Kate Schapira, Tyrone Williams, Michael Klausman, Stephen Ratcliffe, Aisha Sasha John, Steve Benson, Cynthia Sailers, Joanna Novak & Steuart Pittman, Lindsey Boldt, Janice Lee, Jared Stanley, Jesse Morse, Leslie Patron, Thomas Cook, Eric Elshtain & Greg Fraser, Mattew Zapruder, Wendy Trevino, Gloria Frym, and James Sanders.

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Lastly, Taiwan’s (nee New Zealand’s) White Fungus, of which we’ve long been fans, announces it has signed a major worldwide distribution deal with WhiteCirc in London, recently started by Stuart White, from Dazed Group, and Kelly Clark, formerly of CoMag. WhiteCirc works with more than 80 distributors in more than 95 countries across the globe. Which will more than triple the current circulation of White Fungus. Which can only be a good thing.