Guest edited by Richard Garcia and TSky’s own Julianna Spallholz, the 24th issue of In Posse Review features a host of TSky folk: publisher Christian Peet, press authors Jenny Boully, Mark Cunningham, and G.C. Waldrep; and journal contributors Annie Guthrie, Tom O’Connell, and Cody Walker. Spallholz’s section is a refreshing experiment in curating and co-creating. Spallholz conceived a “Prose Poetry Chain Story,” in which she invited “a small collection of writers from our big community to speak to each other through pieces of original prose poetry, passed along like whispered messages in a child’s game of Telephone.” The project “started with a word that was known only by Kristen Nelson, the writer who began the chain. Kristen composed a piece with this word in mind and passed the piece on to the next three writers in line, who then composed a piece in response to Kristen’s piece and passed it on to the next writers, who composed and passed on to the next and final writers.”

Other writers in the chain include Dana Elkun and Johnny Horton. The rest of the issue, “Prose Poems Straight Up,” includes work by Nin Andrews and Peter Conners, Tony Barnstole, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Barbara Berg,Rick Bursky,Robin Clarke, Wyn Cooper, John Estes, Christine Hamm, Peter Johnson, Christopher Kennedy, Andrew Neuendorf, Alexis Orgera, Eugenia Hepworth Petty, Jason Stumpf, Thom Ward, Charles Harper Webb, Orlando White, and Katherine Williams.