Yes, Jimmy Chen is always good to read. Yes, he’s usually funny. Today is no different. Nonetheless we feel compelled to link to “You are what you read from” at HTML Giant, which includes, among other bon mots:

An under-read respected journal in which you were published. Your great 6,000 word story that was finally published in print (pgs. 22-29, Issue No 17, Vol. IV) by a respected journal which nobody read. Well, god damn it, these people are going to sit through this….

Your chapbook. A long time ago someone cared about you, and stapled it. You think the edition of 40 means that “there are only 40 of these in the world,” a refrain which drives your integrity into the mud, the world of zero distribution and sales, oh unsung poet of the century. You worry if the toner they used is archival, you blasted muck.

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