Author’s Statement

diluvium is a 64-page poetic sequence / long poem. In the center of each page is an 8-line (usually-)rhyming poem representing the conscious utterances of Noah and/or his wife as they wait out the Flood on the ark. Surrounding them is an “ocean” of free verse, word salad, and visual poetry (raindrops, a hurricane, the darkness of the hold, wings, etc.) representing their subconsciouses, or perhaps a Collective Unconscious. The project tracks them through an Eriksonian development, from metaphorical birth onward. What begins steeped in Judeo-Christian mythology slowly gives way to a humanist worldview, though there are also bits of Hinduism and Buddhism sprinkled throughout.

About the Author

JeFF Stumpo wears a lot of poetic hats, including visual poet and performance poet. For examples of his work, please visit You can also connect with him on Facebook or Google+.