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PLEASE NOTE: Titles marked with asterisks are hand-bound books or special editions and are limited, if still available.

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Luca Arnaudo, un prosimetro / a prosimetrum: for an exhibition of Aldo Bandinelli curated by Federico Faloppa. Calamari Press, 2012.

* Kemeny Babineau, After Progress. above/ground press, 2012.

Dan Beachy-Quick & Matthew Goulish, Work from Memory. Ahsahta Press, 2012.

Suzette Marie Bishop, Horse-Minded. CW Books, 2012.

Amaranth Borsuk & Brad Bouse, Between Page and Screen. Siglio, 2012.

* Stephen Brockwell, Excerpts from Impossible Books: The Crawdad Cantos. above/ground press, 2012.

Oni Buchanan, Must a Violence. University of Iowa Press, 2012.

Julie Choffel, The Hello Delay. Fordham University Press, 2012.

Rob Cook, Blueprints for a Genocide. Spuyten Duyvil, 2012.

Denver Quarterly. Vol. 47, No.1

Stephanie Dickinson, Lust Series. Spuyten Duyvil, 2012.

* Alexander Dickow, Trial Balloons. Corrupt Press, 2012.

Farrah Field, Wolf and Pilot. Four Way Books, 2012.

Richard Froude, The Passenger. Skylight Press, 2012.

* Sarah Mangold, Cupcake Royale. above/ground press, 2012.

* Barry McKinnon, Into the Blind World. above/ground press, 2012.

* rob mclennan, Goldfish: studies in fine thread. above/ground press, 2012.

* rob mclennan, Sextet: six poems from Songs for Little Sleep. above/ground press, 2012.

* Joe Milazzo, The Terraces (Das Arquibancadas). Little Red Leaves Textile Editions, 2012.

Marci Nelligan, Infinite Variations. Black Radish Books, 2012.

Jena Osman, Public Figures. Wesleyan University Press, 2012.

Natalie Peeterse, Black Bird: Blue Horse: An Elegy. Gold Line Press, 2012.

Michael du Plessis, The Memoirs of JonBenet by Kathy Acker. Les Figues, 2012.

Chris Pusateri, Common Time. Steerage Press, 2012.

* Elizabeth Rainer & Michael Blouin, let lie. above/ground press, 2012.

Elizabeth Robinson, Counterpart. Ahsahta Press, 2012.

sturnus vulgaris, { untitled: under the auspices }. Calamari Press, 2012.

Rodney Wittwer, Gone & Gone. Red Hen Press, 2012.

* Deanna Young, Mediterraneo. above/ground press, 2012.