Did you know that Greying Ghost Press publishes gorgeous hand-bound chapbooks?

Of course you did.

But did you know that most of them are sold out?

You should. Which is why we’re letting you know that you should stock up on these recent ones before they are gone as well.

#59 Legal Pure by Eric Amling
#58 Least by Jon Cone
#57 Pistachio & Iris by Pinetop Deadfish
#56 Plus or Minus by Weston Cutter
#55 The Point or What I Cannot Recall by Tyler Flynn Dorholt
#54 Bye Land by Tony Mancus
#53 Black Box by Judson Hamilton Oops! Already missed that one.
#52 Going Attractions by Brian Foley
#51 Treesisters by Joseph Riippi
#50 Profil Perdu by Jennifer Pilch
#49 Once Was A Weather by Trey Moody
#48 Pretend You’ll Do It Again by Josh Russell

Here’s a close up of the interior of Bye Land, by Tony Mancus

7 x 8.5 chapbook. Letterpress and hand-stamped covers. Endpaper photocopied from found images. Printed on high quality #24 copy paper in a limited edition of 90 hand numbered copies.

$7.00 USA/Canada — $10.00 World — ORDER HERE: http://www.greyingghost.com/mancus.html