PLEASE NOTE: Titles marked with asterisks are hand-bound books or special editions and are limited, if still available.


Shanna Compton, Brink. Bloof Books, 2012.

* Margaret Christakos, from Tumultétudes: The Chips & Ties Study. BookThug, 2012.

Laura Elrick, Propagation. Kenning Editions, 2012.

Beatriz Hausner, Enter the Raccoon. BookThug, 2012.

* Aisha Sasha John, Gimme yr little quiet. BookThug, 2012.

Nicole Markotić, Bent at the Spine. BookThug, 2012.

Christine McNair, Conflict. BookThug, 2012.

Kirill Medvedev, It’s No Good. Edited and introduced by Keith Gessen. Translated by Gessen, with Mark Krotov, Cory Merrill, and Bela Shayevich. Eastern European Poets Series #30, n+1/Ugly Duckling Presse, 2012.

Chantal Neveu, Coït. Translated by Angela Carr. BookThug, 2012.

Lisa Robertson, Nilling: Prose essays on noise, pornography, the codex, melancholy, Lucretius, folds, cities, and related aporias. BookThug, 2012.

Jamie Sharpe, Animal Husbandry Today. ECW Press, 2012.

Cecilia Vicuña, Spit Temple: The Selected Performances of Cecilia Vicuña. Edited and translated by Rosa Alcalá. Includes a series of response pieces from contemporary writers including Maria Damon, Linda Duke, Nada Gordon, Jena Osman, Kenneth Sherwood, Juliana Spahr, Dennis Tedlock, Edwin Torres, and Rodrigo Toscano. Ugly Duckling Presse, 2012.

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