excerpt 1.3 from The Becoming

Com see, comes high tide begetting us to xist .. egging us to crawl tween sum spumed sinkhole-cum-sesspool & an ever-cullapsing thresheld .. lichen to a sandcastle moat …. to bathe under such sun we call our own. Not kumtux sleep us of wither we wear (either way home-wise), yet keep us now a particullar plumed spot to come into bean (yà stocked cum a ferry-tailed fish landing in laboos) .. in sleeps not past come planting seasun (daccording to the Naturel Hystœry Almanack of father). From such frothy threshold of quiggly, intuit us that such & such river we sleep on vec floatsam rapidly becomes not just soule river arriveing to saltchuck but landguage set in stone cum hooked fish. Tum-touch us entropey cum heat-pyre on our skin-cum-shell that we nanitch now cum lumen .. even vec seeowist shut. Such lumenus spurm flickers wind-ways, so blink us our eyelits to eye-touch & in déjà-darkning sky above .. a troping flock of v-shapes circels round the blinding white sun .. induicing laud vizions cum augered tree-rings (a cumulation of witch lands upon the roof of our laboos).

By & by, in such collide-o-scope flickering, recognize us each blink cum «bird» .. the accumulation of witch comes to form sum hole, nanitched from gatherring pieces …. cum sum calculus of solits under sum 02 dimention flight curve.

Around & round birds circel ovur us & our mother ded in weedy ruins of quiggly bunker piled déjà high vec debris. Each circle drawn in sky becomes similer to sum 01 avant, yet a particullar momentum gathers vec eatch repetition that our finger on ikt we cannot stick (even spose our fingers come formed plenty digit-ways to finger-touch) …. même each momentum syckle etched from 01° nanitch (not hoodwinked to «think»), said drawing drops from saltchuck to sky cum clustering burds .. to spindle a webbing of clouds .. to snass verse fleeting .. to land in see …. all avant to wagon wheels & dubbed rails them come on, killing buffalo from mighty helixed wakes.

Tum-touch us muck-itch encore cum n-creasing pangs. Beside our tongue, we now keep a noze to help in the hunt for muckamuck to eat. Skookum nozzes some of us keep. Them not vec skookum noses mimick them who ajax what muck aye to mamook vec such a skookum nose tilted to ground .. coolie to follow scent.

Scatterd round our mother ded in sum seedy ruined tomb, aye alt sets of bones decaying .. not unbecoming of bones of our mother stoned, déjà ded. Situuate us our bodys to gnaw into the scarred turnstyle of such a bone corpus …. yet these pointless bones come, when them come, long soured & devoided even of murmuring marrows .. plenty trope tho, to harbor grudge.

02 bodys whos eyes on sleep past blink not, come tricked now to blink them seeowist verse .. to eye-touch us eye-touching them back. Them 02 come stunted & starved cumpaired to us rest. 01 who on sleeps past becomes cold & not tricked trope to crawl forth from quiggly .. or even blink them seeowist com we see .. them cannot still set anchor as such. Synpathy eggs us to lick eyes & body of this cold 01 .. yet them becomes even cold & harder then on sleeps past .. cold cum such mud 01 comes buryed neath on sleeps not anchord past to grave.

Around ruins of such sunk sinkhole we sniff & grovel .. gnawing on bones & licking what scarred scraps we klap smell-wise. Then huddle us coping vec regret in the still sinuous ribcage of our weed-ded mother …. yet not tricked become us (by dint of muck-itch we tum-touch in the belly of our bode) to fall sleeping under such conduitions.

01 of them 01s vec fur (01 tricked-out to humm skookum) .. such a furry 01 ups & licks a nether 01 who never we eye-touch ticking vec eyes open whide .. then them bites grrowling thru such surface of meat of 01 déjà ded on sleeps gone past to never ever recover.

When eye-touch us such a 01 making muck of alt 01 who never we nanitch the whites of eyes open ticking, close us in this circle pie-wise (in shareing sin) .. to eat this 01 déjà ded on sleeps past (as far as concerns us). All of us partake equelly to make muck of the déjà ded meat of this 01 .. xcept 02 petit 01s who come trope tardy in coming doll-wise to eye-touch …. for them 01s come less skookum & cooley in them herited genes. From such death-defying sleep into sleeps unpast, come us trickt to think of this 01 (that becomes 01° to make muck of 01 of us déjà ded on sleeps past) cum «Muck Us Déjà Ded».

Muck Us Déjà Ded becomes 01° to feed on 01 of them déjà dead on sleeps past, yet us remnants partake in equel token in such synpathetic feeding off même kind .. (cum «canibull» our father pernounces onto us, in hi-jacked retrospeck tongue) .. & even once such a 01 eaten dead passes thru our entrails & out our mud-hole, we still tum-touch (tout in equuel token) the pilchuck & meat of this déjà dead 01 now flowing in our pilchuck .. & by making muck of the ded hêd box, we ajax the unspent hêd-charge of this 01 we eat dead & tum-touch us all in kind such a kumtux of this 01 déjà ded on sleeps past …. making weight of même destressed kumtux cum sum cul-lapsed wake fucktion.

After eating 01° of our tillikum not ticking on sleeps past, huddle us slipstreamed in quiggly bunker, coping in such the ribcaged confines of our queen mother high on weeds. Relaxing moosum comes to a siktum of us now .. yet to alt huloima hosts (tho not muck-itch) no sleep comes. To klap fresh wind, some of us climb out home hole to the threshold (.. for we pant but sport no pants). The sun shines not, yet in the stead of a sun shines 3333 (∞) miniscule sons in urned blacknest. From such a threshold, eye-touch us these moosum sons .. till clouds come & snass falls …. egging us verse, ground-wise into sinkhole .. naked cum born.

When we wake up sur 0020° morning com ça, 01 of the 01s tardy in coming to eye-touch on sleeps past becomes still not tricked to blink them seeowist & flinches not, even after licking. So in sinpathetic respect, encore we make muck of this déjà ded 01 diluted com ça .. this 02° of us to kick bucket, to never again eye-touch or lope ground on sleeps gone past. Only in such morning do we stow away meat cum pickheld for a distinck 01 tardy in coming to eye-touch .. so this 01 then becomes tricked to make muck of stowed jerky (cum living) & not kick cum déjà ded 01 we make muck of this bygone mourning. From such sleep on, we call this 01 (the survivor) «Tardy to Eye-touch».

Tum-touch us muck-itch still, unfullfilled, after we make muck of 02° of us to kick com see. So our bodys egg us to crawl forth from such sunk hole & tumble us down round the derelicked edge of saltchuck. There, 01 of us that keeps a skookum noze humms junk neath sand & digs cum dog. Remnants of us not keeping a skookum nose mimick such a 01 digging .. this 01 we purnounce «Clam Digger». We all dig cum dog .. tho humm not all of us what we dig for to beget if soule to mimick. Clams we catch, then deeper we dig & dig cooley cum us them clams cannot & such slacking clams come us in luck to catch com ça. These clams we dig up & make muck of & such luck eggs us cooley to dig for xmas tide.

By evening, our bellys become full .. then we bury us, itch-scratched to klee, in sand up to our necks …. to rêve sur such baited beach.

When our 0020° moosum nanitch comes to us in sleep-tick, sleep-touch us a loggerhêd turtle coming to shore to lay eggs in mism sand wither we rêve log-wise. Sky becomes pitch black & même bodies come us tricked not to eye-touch .. yet loggerhêd we muster to ajax by feeled lignes spitting forth from delated soul jinx. By said lumeniscents, nanitch us by magick felt lignes that loggerhêd comes laying eggs in same sand wich we sleep. Then detect us loggerhêd laboring verse to surf. Even ass loggerhêd disappears neath the saltchuck, eye-touch us streamers of lumen cum curtains of stars. Fathum us in our hêd-charge that thru such auguring roar come us tricked to ear-touch rêves cum «pox-pyre» .. or «a roar of borealis» in the tongue of father jacked on cocktails.

Once loggerhêd disappears verse such surf of saltchuck, dig us up the left hole vec grubby hands to make muck of left eggs .. & becoming-cum eggs come not just ticking encore but encore yet to tick, making muck of left eggs endows in us likewise such magick of loggerhêd feeld charge (by right-hand rule), that wakes us upright vec a jolt. Intuit us que sed nanitch comes from moosum when we wake .. by dint of muck-itch we still tum-touch (scratched knot) a hull full of loggerhêd eggs we mucked not in moosum sleep.

When we wake sur the beach (still muck-itch to tum-touch), waves lap sur our grubbed bodys, cum a tide rising .. soule to reseed. What we rêve tricked to dig-touch cum dug on evening past, all the same rêve us now cum saltchucked. Muck-itch cum we pang, dig us cooley …. yet no clams come us lucky to catch this sleep-tick .. for remnant clams become skookum to survive & them dig deeper neath both saltchuck & beach & such clams not eaten intuit from clams xorcisting cum ded in our bellys & decamp deeper these 01s .. quiggly the sands over-stretched to rollback if contingency culls.

Comes a nether cementing tide & a siktum of us dawn an idea to crawl verse to saltchuck cum harbor seals or scooby seamen .. yet eye-touch us come abled not thru such surface of saltchuck …. to fix even a bunk nanitch of quiggly vec such listing leggs. So on 01 of us dawns an idea to stick our seeowist quiggly to such surface of saltchuck .. & this 01 we now pernounce «Seeowist Quiggly». In bygone retrospeck, kumtux keep us in our hêdcharge that our jinxed father comes possessed of sum totem sea-mask, to nable him to eye-touch neath salt-chuck thru tempered glass com see .. yet to such a sea-mask Seeowist Quiggly comes not xorcist to possess passed down thru semen.

Vec them owned eyes, Seeowist Quiggly becomes tricked out to eye-touch neath saltchuck .. to klap fish & sturgeon eggs & muckable junk living all these ticks sur the surface (ketching them becomes a nether hystory). Remnants of us (still listing, if not sick) take a cue from Seeowist Quiggly & stick même seeowist sur saltchuck for ourselfs .. & wither by dint to injest in need, klap us muckable junk com see & klap us klee such meaning of «to hunt» cum macho spearfishing men.

Then to 01 of us dawns trope an idea to stick scuba-ways our seeowist quiggly (in held wreath-ticks) & this 01 surfaces in a sudden yelp vec laboos bursting of urchin quills. Even tho this 01 kicks bucket com ça, in synpathetick respect we purnounce this 01 «Laboos Urchin» & after them we steal such technique.

Alt huloima host makes muck of Laboos Urchin ded & then (not ded) sticks them seeowist quiggly to saltchuck vec purposed intention & makes muck of them urchins & tho bleeding & listing (suppressing upchuck), crunches till quills come all helter-skelter .. pierçing them laboos from inside out .. & this 01 (who in affect eates urchin undead & lives to tell about ikt) we purnounce «Undead Urchin Eater» .. this 01 makes muck of more & more urchins (& them urchin eggs) till them vairy skin sprouts quills & this 01 in seeping sleeps not past (in bygone retrospeck, again from the Natural Hystœrys almanack of cock-tailed father) list us cum a 01° «porcupine» of them species. This now detached porpupine surfaces & opens them laboos .. & from inside of such a well-purpoised hole of Undead Urchin Eater crawls forth a distinct hybred tween «porcupine» & «porpoise» we suspeck xorcists cum a speciel case of Laboos Urchin (after all (even standing still at a list), a nem becomes soule a nem spose we come to sum accord).

Com ça, Laboos Urchin becomes reborne of lay laboos of Undead Urchin Eater .. this much we witnest vec même seeowist prop. Laboos Urchin crawls forth all beached, then opens them laboos & out comes 0020 bebe urchins merging in sequents …. xcept these urchins come borne white & now keep leggs to guide future xpression. So in consequence, ajax us this porpupine Laboos Urchin cum 01° mother of our tillikum & by dint of Undead Urchin Eater making muck of Laboos Urchin to come reborne in a sleep not past, we pernounce Undead Urchin Eater cum 01° hi-jinxed father in our tillikum, of men.

Laboos Urchin lays supine verse them spine to xorcist vistigil dorsal fins .. so that bebe urchins can suck marsoup milk from the nipples of our spineless underbelly & when such prone bebe urchins afix to suck marsoup milk, like magick them urchin quills turn black (& in sepia-toned sleeps not past, them become propre porcupines in lumen (land-gauged «dolphins» become a nother naturel hystory). Com see, intuit us (in generule) that to them comes not, by itch, likewise colour or form them comes borne vec thru sperm .. that the forms we take xorcist mere capacity beyond beleaf .. & com ça, beget us to regenerate our capacity to form kinetick (at xpense of buzzy potentiel) wreathe-ticks .. that accumulate to inform tout sleep-ticks thus far & plenty trope to come.

Verse saltchuck, klap us to egg our bodies more mubile then on promisced land. Vec 0010 feet, able-bodied come us to crawl forth all the same to chuck salt cum drunk seamen in all 0012 directions, stead of soule 0010 on ground to hummus cum stricken land hunters …. such a startling motion fourfathers describe cum «swim». A tide hiyher to all distinct tides on sleeps past we swim in cum testes sans paddles …. a leechrous tide that washes us hiyher sur america .. sky-wise to sum fleshold of sinkhole-cum-sesspool that intuit us (by default) to purnounce «home».

The hurrycaned wake reseeds cum surgeoned .. yet in evitable next wave washes us further upstream .. filling vec chuck the slipping sinkhole, wither bones of stoned mother lay listing to this sleep .. vec the sturgeon & alt bottom-feeders of columbus. A next rivering wake reseeds, but not befor cullapsing the tired threshold of quiggly bunker & 01 of us becomes captured in sucked cullapsing. Com ça, our hystery comes unraveled 01 by 01 in strings.

Intuit us, in sympathetick respect, to help such an unlucky 01 trapt in quicksand now filling the ditched sesspool .. but despite mustering to help vec backhoe, such an unlucky 01 sinks deeper & deeper into quicksand of the ditch & sucks a next wake serving to wash furthere inland to see.

Once suck wake reseedes, eye-touch us no longer such 01 we pernounce «Swims Still in Quicksand» & such a 01 presume us ded till told pernounced-wise for crying out loud …. tho never, vec our own seeowist, become us trickt to witnesse sess corpse, to purnounce cum such. Swims Still in Quicksand lays in mism grave cum mother hiyh on weeds, on account of such a hiyher of tides ever us to witnesse in such spumed sleep.

& in accumulation of sleep-ticks, 03 passing tides we count in tides past …. plenty that intuit us to divide «tide» into 0010 tide-ticks, token of potentiel com ça:

00 .. moon,
01 .. wane,
02 .. (halo moon),
03 .. wax.

& com see, we bury our queen mother to sleep forever in quiggly ditch-cum-sesspool laced vec spumous scum. Neath sun & moon syckling, becum us a tillikum pernounced & beget to regenerate in ovuletting tides & sleeps & spurmy wreaths that come vec such territory. Intuit us that such a swarmy river arriveing becomes not the only sperm-wail filling saltchuck. Aye plenty of rivers & each river propagets cum sardeens, cum même becomings in a nutshell .. the mism 0010-syckle leggend of chuck itching to become (in kind) verse vec the blank saltchuck in sky.


becomingThe Becoming, forthcoming from Calamari Press, is a steam-punk retelling of the Romulus and Remus myth, set on the Oregon coast. Instead of two brothers, the she-wolf delivers a mixed litter of mongrel children and dogs, fathered by a rogue member of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The mixed litter are abandoned, left to their own devices to make sense — through language — of the savage land they inherit in the name of manifest destiny. The Becoming is book 0 of the West of Kingdom Come tetralogy.