from Nel


Origin Myth Continued #109


Nel was inner-antennaed

gold-veined “seer,”


accidental receiver

of planetary talk’s


orchestra. She wouldn’t

get your red


palm joke, unless

you were a grizzly.








Recipe: one part storm charge, a clone

one part gold dust, a cyborg, one part murdered

wife echo, a toy, one part normal woman

a terrorist, one part martyr in training, a swamp

with legs, one part folk legend, an ear where all

the voices go, one part sharpshooter, a meal

one part accident like the rest of us






Electric Buzz Was Warm In


Nel deep before thinking
before she even got close.

Cumulus and a few crows.
When Sound Station

Security came
out of their shed,

pants unzipped, one
boot on between

the four of them,
Nel easily shot out their

ear protection
and watched them fish

out on the cracked
pavement. She heard

their damage through
the dawn chorus.






Metamorphic, Nel Rode Past Sound


Station A. She knew its 7 hz. round the region

of religion and elephant talk. Gurgle and roar

soaring way down. The miners in the area had

to wear special protection, devices which

communicated inter-consciously. Their ears

were for rings and links of chain to move them

lockstep. To Nel, it was just the letter A over

and again chant-like. All others would go

pudding brained, fall down and dwarf

amorphous. There was skeletal proof. It was

all an accident. It was supposed to flash fry

enough food for the troops, but only cooked

functioning. She listened close to where

it would burn best.





headshotwithhatMichael Sikkema is a failing futurist whose current project is self-decolonization. He has a chapbook entitled 3003 Houses (For Nikki Wallschlaeger) forthcoming from Little Red Leaves Textile Series, a collaborative chapbook with Elisabeth Workman entitled Terrorism Is What Whale forthcoming from Grey Book Press, and his second full length book, January Found, will appear from Blazevox Books in 2014. He enjoys correspondence at