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Ralph Angel, Your Moon (New Issues, 2014)

Anne Barngrover & Avni Vyas, Candy in Our Brains (Cutbank Books, 2013)

Amy Catanzano, Starlight in Two Million: A Neo-Scientific Novel (Noemi Press, 2014)

Amy Catanzano, Starlight in Two Million: A Neo-Scientific Novel (Noemi Press, 2014)

Elizabeth J. Colen, The Green Condition (Ricochet Editions, 2014)

Bruce Covey, Change Machine (Noemi Press, 2014)

Joshua Corey, Beautiful Soul: An American Elegy (Spuyten Duyvil, 2014)

Denver Quarterly Vol. 48, Nos. 2, 3, 4 (2014)


Julia Elliott, The Wilds (Tin House Books, 2014)

Sarah Heady, Niagra Transnational (Fourteen Hills, 2014)

Harmony Holiday, Go Find Your Father / A Famous Blues (Ricochet Editions, 2014)

Rochelle Hurt, The Rusted City (White Pine Press, 2014)


Lisa Jarnot, A Princess Magic Presto Spell (Solid Objects, 2014)

Kathleen Jesme, Albedo (Ahsahta Press, 2014)


Steven Karl, Dork Swagger (Coconut Books, 2014)

Lisa Lubasch, So I Began (Solid Objects, 2014)

Elena Minor, Titulada (Noemi Press, 2014)

David Ohle, The Blast (Calamari Press, 2014)


Alexis Orgera, Dust Jacket (Coconut Books, 2014)

Christopher Salerno, ATM (Georgetown Review Press, 2014)

Zachary Schomburg, The Book of Joshua (Black Ocean, 2014)

Frank Smith, Guantanamo (Les Figues Press, 2014)

Dennis James Sweeney, What They Took Away (Cutbank Books, 2014)

Michael Trocchia, The Fatherlands (Monkey Puzzle Press, 2014)

Verse Vol. 30, Nos. 1-3 (2014)

Joseph P. Woos, Broken Cage (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2014)