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Cody-Rose Clevidence, Beast-Feast (Ahsahta 2014)

Rob Cook, asking my liver for forgiveness (Rain Mountain Press 2014)

Stephan Cushman, The Red List (Louisiana State University Press 2014)

Denver Quarterly, V49N1 (2014)

Michelle Detorie, After-Cave (Ahsahta 2014)

Stephanie Dickinson, Love Highway (Spuyten Duyvil 2014)

Gregoire Pam Dick, Metaphysical Licks (BookThug 2014)

Alex Green, Emergency Anthems (Brooklyn Arts Press 2014)


Kate Hargreaves, Leak (BookThug 2014)

Bertrand Laverdure, Universal Bureau of Copyrights (BookThug 2014)

Chus Pato and Erín Moure, Secession / Incession (BookThug 2014)


Alicia Piercy, Bunny and Shark (BookThug 2014)

Rowland Saifi, The Minotaur’s Daughter (Spuyten Duyvil 2014)

Adam Seelig, Ubu Mayor (BookThug 2014)

Colin Winnette, Coyote (Les Figues 2014)

Nell Zink, The Wallcreeper (Dorothy 2014)