At The American Poetry Review, Arielle Greenberg lets you know “What to Read Now — Some Vital Books from 2014,” in a killer omnibus review that includes one of our favorite new books — Jan Clausen’s Veiled Spill — as well as discussions of work by Emily Abendroth, CA Conrad, Olena Kalytiak Davis, Katie Ford, John Gallaher, Lauren Ireland, Douglas Kearney, Hoa Nguyen, Claudia Rankine, and Rachel Zucker.

Says Greenberg:

The veils and spills in Clausen’s book are myriad: Muslim niqabs, toxic overflows of radiation, suppressed desire, information leaking through redacted military documents, the fluidity of gender, sugar—and then poison—left out in the kitchen for ants…. As Clausen’s sequence cartwheels from found and collaged government documents to litanies to homophonic translations, it acknowledges the limitations of such experimentation in the face of environmental and other impending doom: “I can do what I want with form but not for long,” she writes.




Drew Krewer’s Destroyer is new, featuring texts by soon-to-be TS author Aaron Apps as well as Peter Giebel, Julia Cohen, Jace Brittain, Florencia Varela, Alexis Pope & Joshua Young, Jessica Comola, Sean Burke, and Jessie Janeshek; along with art, reviews, and “cheap papers” by at least a dozen other miscreants.




File under two great tastes that go great together:

Rebecca Wolff has a chapbook out from Ugly Duckling Presse.

Yup. Doesn’t get better than that.

Buy a copy of Warden while you can.



Well, this isn’t new at all. But it’s always a good time to listen to Goat.