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Amanda Ackerman, The Book of Feral Flora (Les Figues Press, 2015)

C. Dylan Bassett, The Invention of Monsters / Plays for the Theatre (Plays Inverse, 2015)

Jamie Bradley, Happens Is The Sun (above/ground press, 2015)

Carellin Brooks, One Hundred Days of Rain (BookThug, 2015)


Lisa Ciccarello, At Night (Black Ocean, 2015)

Denver Quarterly, Vol. 49, No. 3, 2015

Jenny Drai, The New Sorrow Is Less Than the Old Sorrow (Black Lawrence Press, 2015)

kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Their Biography: an organism of relationships (BookThug, 2015)


Julia Elliott, The New and Improved Romie Futch (Tin House Books, 2015)


S. Whitney Holmes, Room Where I Get What I Want (Black Ocean, 2015)


Bhanu Kapil, Ban en Banlieue (Nightboat Books, 2015)

Jake Kennedy, Merz Structure No. 2 Burnt by Children at Play (BookThug, 2015)


Laura Kochman, The Bone and the Body (BatCat Press, 2015)

Jen Knox, After the Gazebo (Rain Mountain Press, 2015)

Jennifer Kronovet, Case Study: With (above/ground press, 2015)


Seth Landman, Confidence (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2015)

Dimitris Lyacos, With the People from the bridge. Shorsha Sullivan, trans. (Shoestring Press, 2014)

Martyr Group, Martyr Group (OSR, 2015 (CD))


Jimmy McInnes, A More Perfect [ (BookThug, 2015)


Joyelle McSweeney, The Necropastoral: Poetry, Media, Occults (University of Michigan Press, 2014)

Mahokaru Numata, Nan-Core. Jonathan Lloyd-Davies, trans. (Vertical, Inc., 2015)

Zach Phillips, Ashley’s Jacket (OSR, 2015)

South Loop Review (Final Issue; Columbia College Chicago, 2015)

Mike Steeves, Giving Up (BookThug, 2015)


Janaka Stucky, The Truth Is We Are Perfect (Third Man Books, 2015)

Amish Trivedi, The Destructions (above/ground press, 2015)

Touch the Donkey #5 (above/ground press, 2015)

Forty-five (anthology) (above/ground press, 2015)


Danielle Vogel, Between Grammars (Noemi Press, 2015)

Valerie Witte, a game of correspondence (Black Radish Books, 2015)

Ryo Yamaguchi, The Refusal of Suitors (Noemi Press, 2015)