(to be published by TS Press in 2016)

Steven DunnPotted Meat (Novel)

Dana GreenSometimes the Air in the Room Goes Missing (Short fiction)

Amy King, The Missing Museum (Poetry)

Kim Parko, The Grotesque Child (Novel)

We said that we’d pick two, but went ahead and picked four. We couldn’t help it. Amy’s at peak powers of poetry, so that was a no-brainer. Kim was new to us, like enlightenment — though she’s not new to the brilliant Caketrain or its cult. Steven and Dana were also new to us and are new to pretty much everyone. And you can’t beat that. Calling up first-time authors at home? (Or at work, in Steven’s case.) There is just no better part of this job.


(authors & manuscripts to be featured in utero at TS magazine)

Jessica Baran, Common Sense; Mark Baumer, Yachts; James Belflower, Doyen; Annette C. Boehm, The Knowledge Weapon; Laynie Browne, Periodic Companions; Marty Cain, Kids of the Black Hole; Emily Carr, Name Your Bird Without A Gun; Daniel Carter, Miller’s RidgeGeneva Chao, one of us is wave one of us is shore; J’Lyn Chapman, Our Last Days; Jennifer S. Cheng, House A; John Colasacco, Two Teenagers; Paul CunninghamGOAL/TENDER MEAT/TENDER; Aja Couchois Duncan, Vestigial; Alexandra Dillard, How We Tend To Fragile Things; Andy Fitch, Garageland; Sandy Florian, The ChairChristine Friedlander, Avant Gauze; Lara Glenum, Junk Shot; Elizabeth Hall, I Have Devoted My Life to the ClitorisAlly Harris, Her Twin Was After Me; Megin Jimenez, Lone Stories; Jared Joseph, Yizkor & Il enjoying muselé in général but feel dread; Drew Kalbach, MQ-1; Jacqueline Kari, TWA: A Masque; Brian Kubarycz, The Instruments I Used; Rachel Levy, A Book So RedJane Lewty, Mistune; Emily Martin, Routine & Leisure; Alexis Orgera, You Don’t Mind; Colin Post, lynx perpetual lynxMichael Rerick, Communication of Space; Vanessa Roveto, The Clinic; Lauren Russell, What’s Hanging on the Hush; Ben Segal, Failure Projects; MR Sheffield, We Are the Blood; Cindy St. John, Dream Vacation; Dennis James Sweeney, Tsurezuregusa; Catherine Theis, Sophia; Amy Thomas, Lung Song; Genya Turovskaya, The World Is Not The World; Kim Vodicka, Psychic Privates; C.J. Waterman, My Teary TV Breakdown; Arisa White, dear Gerald; Angela Veronica Wong, Elsa; Elisabeth Workman, You Always Live Again; Candice Wuehle, BOUND; Felicia Zamora, Silence for the Rest of Class.


(folks with whom we’re likely to stay in touch, if we don’t already)

Samuel Ace, Vidhu Aggarwal, Emily Anderson, Erik Anderson, Stephanie Anderson, Jessica Anne, David Armstrong, Jess Arndt, Mirene Arsanios, Diana Arterian, Becca Barniskis, Carrie Bennett, Gabriel Blackwell, Barbara Browning, Leslie Bumstead, Peter Burghardt, Matthew Burnside, Will Burke, Rachel Busnardo, Scott Butterfield, La Vonne Natasha Caesar, Yu-Han Chao, Jackie Clark, Kate Colby, Elizabeth Colen, Daniel Coudriet, Nora Cox, Jesse Damiani, Johnny Damm, Piper J. Daniels, Madison Davis, Tyler Flynn Dorholt and Joe Milazzo, Steffi Drewes, John Duvernoy, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Maia Elgin, Jennifer Firestone, Carmella Fleming, M. Forajter, Elytron Frass, Leora Fridman, Yanara Friedland, Geoffrey Gatza, Lauren Gordon, David Gorin & Adam Thompson, Rae Gouirand, Annie Guthrie, Ti Kendrick Hall, Steve Halle, Judson Hamilton, j/j hastain, Brandi Katherine Herrera, Christine Herzer, Sean Patrick Hill, Chris Holdaway, Lisa Isaacson, Lauren Fairbanks Jagernauth, Wes Jamison, Jeff T. Johnson, Amanda Katz, Laura Kochman, Joel Kopplin, Jennifer Kronovet, Jason Labbe, Mark Lamoureux, tessa micaela landreau-grasmuck, Nora Lange, Meagan Lehr, Muriel Leung, Megan Levad, Nate Liederbach, Adrian C. Louis, Meredith Luby, Robert Lunday, Matthew Mahaney, Amanda Marbais, Jerika Marchan, Alexandra Mattraw, Opal C. McCarthy, rob mclennan, Helen McClory, Sheila McMullin, Scott McWaters, Rachel Milligan, Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein, Harmony Neal, Bryson Newhart, JoAnna Novak, Kathryn Nuernberger, Gillian Parrish, Soham Patel Adam Peterson, Tommy Pico, Deborah Poe, Pedro Ponce, Hilary Plum, Colin Post, Dani Rado, Laurel Radzieski, Margaret Rhee, Hannah Rodabaugh, Zanni Schauffler, Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer, Kisha Lewellyn Schlegel, Steven Seidenberg, Kent Shaw, Gary J Shipley, Michael Sikkema, Joslyn Sklar, Jessica Smith, Philip Sorenson, Jordan Soyka, Dao Strom, J. Hope Stein, Maureen Thorson, S.E. Tourjee, Beth Towle, Tatiana M. Uhoch, Jasmine Dreame Wagner, Michael Joseph Walsh, Andrew Wessels, Cheryl Clark Vermeulen, Ken White, Theodore Worozbyt, Joshua Young, Arianne Zwartjes.


Seem like a big list?

It is! The winners, finalists, and semifinalists represent about 25% of the submissions we received. We’re pretty stunned by that. (And we probably left some folks off accidentally — sorry.) In years past, maybe 10% made it out of the slush pile. It’s possible that we’re more inclusive now. In our dotage. But the work we found hard to come by, a decade ago, is now curriculum, is now the starting point. And “hybrid forms”?  To quote Cobain, “What else can I say, everyone’s trans-genre.” Go figure: shit does, if slowly, change.

— Editors