from The Good Dark


noise: even, every,
leaf, cloud, passing, reaching

even, under

silence can’t be demonstrated
it has no edge


breaking what it needs
digestion, the nourishment process

could be a good model

so on doors I pluck for sound, and out
of varying instruments

blender, mouth of bronze idol on mantle, mouth
color, interpret: vandalize:


vandal to rue
rues the day
rulers the dawn
maws dark tresses
the claws dark’s ledges


I wish I had a soul I could discern
there’d be a river in it

but by the bank, a shouter

shouting out sheet music
the chirp to wind

the shouter with mouth of blade
who marks a target


with vigil, I see outlines
are only choices made by eyes

like a river stepped in by mistake
I think to take you in


given everything
the give forms our lips

it’s only the shape of zero


giving in
up, down

over over
what can hands bring in

what has no edge
cannot visit

annie_guthrie_photo_jeff-smithBWABOUT THE AUTHOR

Annie Guthrie is a jeweler and writer from Tucson. She works and teaches at the University of Arizona Poetry Center. Her book The Good Dark is forthcoming from Tupelo Press.