Excerpts from Emily Carr’s hybrid manuscript, Name Your Bird Without A Gun: A Tarot Novel, a finalist for the 2015 TS Book Prize.

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emily-carr-author-photoABOUT THE AUTHOR

Emily Carr is a poet & her redeeming qualities include:

a) is a math prodigy

b) has a cat named Dirt

c) was a Tri-Delt & a member of Marching Mizzou

d) is a lifelong vegetarian who was raised on a cattle ranch & makes perfect bacon

e) bats left, throws right

f) doesn’t believe in sunscreen

j) talks like a valley girl from Missouri & might be Southern

k) is considering getting a pet rat to scare away the suitors

l) orders of the kids menu whenever possible

m) was followed home twice by a dog named Natalie Portman

n) moved to L.A. for five days in 2012

o) is using glitter to see into space more clearly

Her second book of poetry, 13 ways of happily: books 1 & 2, was the winner of the 2009 New Measures Poetry prize. whosoever has let a minotaur enter them or a sonnet—, a collection of prose poem fairy tales, is forthcoming from McSweeney’s in August 2015.