Excerpts from Lara Glenum’s poetry manuscript, JUNK SHOT, a finalist for the 2015 TS Book Prize.


I’m not girl material
I’m boatload
of sicko brat

My Lil Pony Puker

U r lost among flabby stars

I’m punking the irons
in2 my skin horse

The shut eye
of luminous genitalia

Cross my devils
with yr licky porker

Here is one
with a drippy drippy bone

2 stuff
in2 my media hole
A fountain of meat + spumata

makes the day ok
The porcine bleat

of empress bombs
The tunnel of bodies opens

& u go corkscrewing thru
Come out Come out

& tinkle on my jugs + hotbots

I’m a jellyfish
w the miseries

Call an ambulance

Waah Waah
My pussy broke





We r strapped

2 eachother
like some species

of occult glamour

I discharge my titters
over the bodies piling out

of the glass
The reanimation of my pie

in a funk of vex
My eyes camp

backward in my head
My burned-out vision

crackles on
Even mid-plague

here comes
St. Boner





U r dripping in2

my femmebot
Peel the bad days

away from my
one ensorcelled eye

This is a dumbwich

made of two slices
A creamy spread

of legs
Some random meat






My miasmal hunk
of perv

Jingle Jingle

The fairy queen’s here
2 grant u a mask of lamb meat

while u jerk it
in the piglight

Drop a fizzbolt
in2 my saddy blubber

I’m sucko
in the headgland

The shame horse
saunters in

Its pussy in full view





Peek-a-boo fright gown
+ sea urchin stilettos

The fizz dripping out
of my eye sockets

catches fire
& burns down my cakeface

The way I rub yr brains
against my clit

My gluey matter

Yr one good claw
scrabbles across

the imperial weather room

The freakbirds gnarl up
the crummy sky



Lara_Glenum_photoABOUT THE AUTHOR

Lara Glenum is the author of four books of poetry: Pop Corpse, Maximum Gaga, and The Hounds of No (all from Action Books), and All Hopped Up On Fleshy Dumdums (Spork Press). With Arielle Greenberg she is also the co-editor of Gurlesque: the new grrly, burlesque, grotesque poetics and the forthcoming digital second edition, Electric Gurlesque. She’s currently at work on a text-based transmedia project, I M YR FAVRIT SOBJECT: Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies. She teaches in the MFA program at LSU.