| holding cell |

we hold these truths to be self evidence we hold out on these truths we hold these truths in check we withhold these truths we place these truths on hold we hold these truths alien we hold these truths under wraps under water we hold the lock and key to these truths we hold these truths to our chests we hold onto these truths for dear life we hold these truths hostage we hold a torch for a mirror up to bar no holds on hold the line of the fort of the grudge of these truths we are losing our hold on these truths we are holding a gun to these truths we are holding high court on these truths we hold these truths responsible in contempt at arm’s length to have and to hold in abeyance we’re holding our ground against holding up as examples these truths we’re holding our breath and our tongues holding off holding forth on these truths we’re relaxing our hold on these truths we’re not holding our own our fire a candle our peace our water we can’t catch a hold of a break from we’re left holding the bag of these truths we can’t hold these truths can we do we still hold up our end bitter end of these truths that are done ringing true


author_picBrenda Sieczkowski’s poems and creative essays have appeared widely in print and on-line journals, including The Colorado Review, Versal, The New England Review, Poetry Daily, Verse Daily, Diagram, The Florida Review, Bone Bouquet, The Seneca Review, Western Humanities Review, Gulf Coast, Dusie, Sidebrow, and Subtropics among others. Her essays have won awards from both Writers at Work and Knee-Jerk Magazine. She has published two chapbooks, Wonder Girl in Monster Land (dancing girl press, 2012) and Fallout & Flotation Devices (Little Red Leaves Textile Series, 2014). Like Oysters Observing the Sun, her full-length poetry collection, was published by Black Lawrence Press in 2014.