Publishing a book on Magick is the fulfillment of a life-long dream for Damien Echols. Reading it will be the fulfillment of a dream shared by his fans and supporters.

God knows we’re excited.

“Magick saved my life,” says Damien. When he was on death row for a crime he didn’t commit, Damien used the spiritual practice of magick to stave off intense pain and despair, keep hope alive—and ultimately to manifest his freedom. Now the bestselling author of Life After Death and Yours for Eternity (co-written with Lorri Davis) presents his first teaching book on the misunderstood tradition of Magick, bringing readers instruction in key meditations, insights, and practices to reshape our reality with the divine energy of creation.

“Magick is a path for questioners, seekers, and anyone who has trouble settling for dogma and pre-formulated answers,” says Damien. “Magick is for those who feel the desire to peel away the surface of reality and see what lies beneath. Like various persecuted forms of mysticism, magick promotes direct contact with the source of creation.”

Go now. Contact the source. Buy & read High Magick