Julianne Neely received her MFA degree from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, where she received the Truman Capote Fellowship, the 2017 John Logan Poetry Prize, and a Schupes Prize for Poetry. Her writing has been published in Hyperallergic, VIDA, The Rumpus, The Iowa Review and more. Her chapbook ‘The Body Beside Herself’ is out now from Slope Editions.


Gertrude said I like the feeling of words doing as they want to do and as they have to when they live where they have to live that is where they have come to live which of course they do do. This is not a means to explanation but an investigation of political and spatial thought. This is a grid, a visual and sympathetic field to contend with. I say we should construct experience and render retention, create and fracture meaning out of sound, semantics, syntax, and form. I felt a poem coming on. I say first blood, bees, fowl, demographics, and labor control. I say womanwords like confessional and delicate and truth about the female body. I entered this book to become an adult—