I’m a wrecking ball I wreck
my own balls
& I’ll junk yours

with my collapsing body
on auto-destroy
& my brain inflammation on high I scuttle
our fleek doomy future In bombazine I turbogut

your killing voice I go off in public On repeat repeat Blow
My nerve overgrowth points to a failing
system You say I’m a junk siren
going off My own alarm-rigged skin I’m an orphan &

A beggar in This flaming house I waste now & now
& now A spectacle unloading across these suffering kingdoms
A princess is a junk meme & I’m a junk means
by which power asserts What & Who
ever are you I advise you to run I would run too

but My body is interrupted with killing light A strike
to the eye of the state Self-immolation
is for garbage kids like me Please Don’t
try this at home Please Don’t look at the bright light
For God’s sake I will kill you


The Data Miners
are up to their giggle

in bitecoin Occult technology They siphon out souls
& project them nude onto cloudglobs
Seekers roll their eyes

through boning loops
& butt swag

Vision’s the bomb
Just by looking
you can blow
so many girls to crying pieces


In the poison lodge
My spine
begins fusing together I see animals
strung up in trees In psychomotor groves
is walking about on tornadic legs
& I loose all my eyes I’m spilling across floors

The world is ending
& still you keep

hunting me down the brightbursting aeons
in the brittle mask

of a mother

About the Author

Lara Glenum is the author of four books of poetry: The Hounds of NoMaximum GagaPop Corpse! and All Hopped Up On Fleshy Dumdums. She teaches in the MFA Program at Louisiana State University.