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Trans-genre / Hybrid Work | Tarpaulin Sky Magazine


Indeterminate text by The Becoming

Com see, comes high tide begetting us to xist .. egging us to crawl tween sum spumed sinkhole-cum-sesspool & an ever-cullapsing thresheld .. lichen to a sandcastle moat …. to bathe under such sun we call our own. Not kumtux sleep us of wither we wear (either way home-wise), yet keep us now a particullar plumed spot to come into bean (yà stocked cum a ferry-tailed fish landing in laboos)....

j/j hastain: from Letters to the Divergents, a Cryptozoologic for Xems

The host is able to use you like a normal tongue would be used after the transition has been made. This transition is really a translation, isn’t it? A body-torque. I am so stimulated by this notion of the foster tongue. The surrogate that continues on with you, inside of you, once having made its place, its residence, within. The louse is a cyborg success that while taking away from the host fish, also adds to it. To act in accordance with, to embody visceral tandems.

A.T. Grant: poems from WAKE

Dead Sister do I love your death. Do I love my own. Dead Sister did my soul choke yours out somehow. Dead Sister will you ever not come around. Dead Sister is there something you want to tell. Tell me. Dead Sister my head feels light. Dead Sister my body feels light. Dead Sister my. Feels light. Light fills.

Tarpaulin Sky #18: Chronic Content

Featuring Danielle Vogel, Danielle Pafunda, Andy Nicholson, Barbara Maloutas, Amanda Jo Williams, Ally Harris, Sarah Goldstein, Johannes Göransson, Andrea Kneeland, Dot Devota, Mark Cunningham, Richard Froude, Amy King, Ana Božičević, Brian Henry, and Carol Guess.

Tarpaulin Sky Literary Journal Issue #17 / Summer 2011

Featuring work by Scott Butterfield, David Buuck & Juliana Spahr, Roxanne Carter, Joshua Cohen, Stella Corso, Patrick Crerand, Jeremy M. Davies, Sandra Doller, Aaron Patrick Flanagan, Molly Gaudry, Roxane Gay, Anne Gorrick, Janalyn Guo, Daniel Y. Harris, Catherine Imbriglio, Lucy Ives, Christopher Janke, Patrick Jones, Catherina Kasper, Sean Kilpatrick, Thorin Klosowski, Sean Labrador y Manzano, Susan Maxwell, Susan McCarty, Christina Mengert, Anjali Mullany, Christian Nagler, Aimee Parkison, Lance Phillips, Deborah Richards, Kate Schapira, Ben Segal, Donna Stonecipher, Bronwen Tate, Laura Vena, and Max Winter. With cover art by Noah Saterstrom.

Tarpaulin Sky Issue #16 = Trickhouse #5

Trickhouse #5 is Tarpaulin Sky #16. Curated by Noah Saterstrom. Featuring Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Thalia Field, Anne Waldman, Lisa Jarnot, Caroline Bergvall, Joanna Howard, Heide Hatry, Lisa Birman, Brandon Shimoda, Lisa Schumaier, Gordon Massman, Amy King, Ana Bozicevic, Josh Friedman, and Verbobala.

Alexis Orgera, You Don’t Mind: A Memorabilia

"Over a period of months a few years into his disease, my demented father penciled hundreds of thumbprint-sized, broken circles into the pages of a legal pad. An act of obsession or devil’s possession in the starburst of decline ..." Excerpts from Alexis Orgera’s cross-genre manuscript, You Don't Mind: A Memorabilia, a finalist for the 2015 TS Book Prize.

Colin Post, lynx perpetual lynx

"This map of iterations is no more a marked surfys, but rather the luscent screan hung before each port. The arrivals are no more marked in ink, but rather arrayed in leight." Excerpts from Colin Post’s hybrid-genre manuscript, lynx perpetual lynx, a finalist for the 2015 TS Book Prize.

Aja Couchois Duncan, Vestigial

"Vestigial was written at a time when I was coming out of a traumatic experience and was struggling with PTSD and a number of related autoimmune disorders...." Excerpts from Aja Couchois Duncan’s cross-genre manuscript, Vestigial, a finalist for the 2015 TS Book Prize.

Christine Friedlander, AVANT GAUZE

"You can fill my mouth with gauze to stop the bleeding, but you can also fill my mouth with gauze to shut me up.... I wrote this book to bleed myself out." Excerpts from Christine Friedlander’s hybrid-genre manuscript, AVANT GAUZE, a finalist for the 2015 TS Book Prize.

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