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2019-04-21 “Easter Sunday”

I checked out a library book called Psychic Reiki, by Brett Bevell.

Of the stack of books I checked out, including one by Diane Stein whose Essential Reiki has so far been my primary reiki text, Psychic Reiki is the only one I read all the way through.

(Do read Diane Stein’s Essential Reiki if you get a minute! Many fascinating things are discussed. Then go practice on the trees in your yard.)

Reiki, as I understand it, involves energy in the form of chi flowing into & through you, to someone else or to your self. Self-reiki is a wonderful tool for self care since the energy involved is not your own but part of the Universal supply, which is for all current intents & purposes endless. Great for those of us who are easily drained.

Reiki translates, more-or-less, to “spiritual energy.” More often it is used as a proprietary brand name for intentionally directed energy flow (“Every intentional act is a Magical act” — A. Crowley). If you’ve done any tai chi or qi gong you have worked with “reiki” already. Exercises where you hold the invisible energy ball, move it around, share it with someone. All this is work with real energy. The energy ball does exist — as any good acidhead should be well aware!

(Qi = chi. Also = ki as in reiki.)

You may have heard about your “chi” or your “chi flow.” To do reiki-style healing, you will want to channel energy, chi, reiki, from elsewhere than your own supply. (Tho in doing so you may re-up your own reservoir.)

The simplest way to picture this is to imagine a beam of gold or white light coming into the top of your head from… The Universe!-erse!-erse!-erse! This energy then flows through you, fills your body, & exits through your palms. Picture it happening until you can feel it. (There are symbols available, on the internet or in Diane Stein’s books, which may or may not assist with this process.) If you place your hands on someone while doing this — with their consent please — they will likely experience a sensation of heat flowing out of your palms. Cool!!!!

(Reading this article does not count as real reiki instruction, tho by all means take away whatever you can from the experience! I am mainly self-taught & was able to become so mostly by a) hearing about it from a friend & b) giving my Self permission to be capable. Also there was an episode with a ficus tree. A story for elsewhere perhaps.)

I worked with the above technique for a few years, including some surprisingly effective experiments with offering reiki to an audience via my hands on a musical instrument. Through my hands, through the strings, through the pickups, through the wires, through the amplifier, to fill the room.

In practicing this I have found that reiki needn’t be projected solely through the hands. Feet, eyes, chest, third eye, mouth, navel, or really anywhere else you can think of, are all viable options.

~ Do not place your body parts on another person’s body parts without their express permission. ~

Additionally, I find that conducting energy in groups is exponentially more powerful than doing so on one’s own. It really is worth spending some time with this. Especially fun in the context of an improvising band all channeling reiki through their instruments together. Side effects may include laughter & a general sense of well-being.

Other energies can be projected as well — tho I am a fan of reiki in particular as by definition it is for the highest good. See also Holy Guardian Angel, True Will, etc. One could, & likely should, dedicate one’s use of any energies “to the highest good,” “that it may harm none,” etc.

It is also appropriate to ask permission before applying energy to anyone other than one’s Self. Typically this is done verbally. There are circumstances under which it may happen in another way: that you say to your Self, “Send at this time only as much energy as is wanted, needed, or can be used, & continue to send for as long as it is wanted, needed, or useful.” This is my approach during a musical performance, when to check in verbally with every individual attending a show would be impractical & prohibitive.

…& that is where I was at in my reiki experience when I encountered Brett Bevell’s Psychic Reiki.

Bevell has charged his book in various ways, at least some of which he informs you about. The book is healing you & protecting you from the moment you bring it home. It is a magickal object, a talisman. As Bevell puts it, “the book you hold in your hands is conscious.”

One of the first things it does is send a beam of reiki to your eyes as you read. Bevell explains that this is happening, as it happens. The experience is surprising, affecting even some of my more skeptical friends.

A little later in the book, we are presented with an image which will install, we are told, a Divine Reiki Crystal near our heart.

This made me slightly uncomfortable. I was not sure I wanted an external installation of anything, however positive.

But ultimately I did it — choosing to reckon later with the nature of the installation. Within 48 hours I had some major breakthroughs regarding various lifelong issues. Make of that what you will.

As of now, while I can not rule out the possibility that a “reiki crystal” has literally been installed in my energy field, it is not clear to me that anything has really been installed beyond the belief that certain specific things are possible. This is however invaluable.

The initial Divine Reiki Crystal experience was comparable to training wheels & I am grateful for it, but I eventually informed the DRC that I needed to either uninstall it or incorporate it more fully as a part of my being, because it was weirding me out. We arrived at a compromise. I have developed a way of relating to it that does not feel crystalline, alien, or intrusive, but more like a new mental muscle. Instructions involving this muscle work best when sent through the general region of my heart. (Or third/yellow chakra, or Tiphareth if you’re a qabalist.)

The rest of the book provides suggestions as to what is now possible, plus a few healing scripts for a wide array of traumas. I did many of them, usually before bed. Can’t say exactly what the effects were, but it felt good to do them.

I carried this book around for weeks showing it to people. Some did not want the crystal installed, but everyone could feel the eye-reiki.

Is this a Divine Reiki Crystal? Rose quartz photo by zlicious, infused with light by 5-Track.

Bevell’s Psychic Reiki works well for me as a creative reiki grimoire. There are many ideas in it that would never have occurred to me on my own. Not sure where Bevell came up with them — if he channeled them or learned them somewhere in particular or just found his Self inspired.

Z & I have been working for some time with the idea that one can call up or manipulate energy simply through the Intention of doing so. She has done a fair amount of distance healing for open-minded clients & I have worked a little with moving energy from place to place via what might be called “portals” of some kind, usually in the context of removing bad vibes from a family gathering or a music venue, & deploying them elsewhere to some positive cultural ends.

& it is not uncommon for either of us to supply an animal in need of healing with a “reiki bubble,” which they “can keep for as long as they want or need or can use it.”

Bevell adds whole levels of detail to these kinds of ideas. Which I won’t go into cos read the book.

But one in particular I will talk about. This technique is called the “reiki hologram.”

As part of the various healing scripts given in the latter part of Psychic Reiki, Bevell includes the suggestion that you evoke a reiki hologram of 1000s of flower petals. For one exercise it is roses, for another perhaps morning glories. I like cherry blossoms. It could be lavender if the grounding effects of lavender are required, mint leaves if your mood needs lifting. Anyway, a reiki hologram of 1000s of flower petals, enough to cover you from head to toe. I like to do this as I’m falling asleep at night, setting the intention that the hologram will remain til the alarm clock sings.

Or you might say to your Crystal (or to your Self): “Let’s have a reiki hologram of (for example) my digestive system, & let’s infuse it into my actual digestive system, & let’s do this now.” (This is the kind of phrasing I find my self using.) Your digestive system — or liver, or endocrine system, or eyes, or brain, or political worldview, or spiritual worldview, or sense of wonder — has now received a strong infusion of powerful healing energy. You may specify that the hologram remain as long as it is wanted, needed, useful. You may specify that it be of your digestive system or brain at its healthiest or in its most ideal condition.

I have found this to be a powerful healing technique, often with startling & immediate results. & as I have gone deeper with it, I find myself working with reiki holograms of my relationship to my Self, or to various habits or activities, etc.

As tho more were needed, often I make reiki holograms in the context of extremely nonchalant ritual magick, ie I will cast a circle in whatever tradition or technique or style or level of detail feels right to me in that moment’s context (also with the intention generally that it stay up as long as wanted/needed/etc, or until a specific time, lest I forget to clear it all later). This is sometimes as simple as dedicating the room I’m in as a “sacred space” — simply saying it out loud or to one’s self — or by picturing the various spatial & temporal dimensions of the room in which one finds one’s self & dedicating those dimensions as the borders of your energetic activity.

Alternately you may apply symbols & call upon elements & archangels. Whatever works for you. (It is worth noting that I read Damien Echols’ excellent High Magick around the same time & there was a surprising amount of overlap.)

Then I call up reiki holograms within the circle, often in conjunction with band practice.

After a few weeks of thinking about all this it naturally occurred to me at band practice one day to fill the room with a reiki hologram of gentle moonlight, offsetting the vibelessness of our rented rehearsal space.

It seemed to give everyone a slight lift. Next practice I added a gentle stream, a light breeze, rolling hills, overhanging trees, an outdoor stage & a boardwalk path. I love to play electric music outdoors in the moonlight, but there aren’t too many occasions for it…

About halfway through practice I looked up & there was a [reiki hologram of a] deer watching us.

Photo by John Philpin, infused with light by 5-Track

I have seen other critters on other occasions, & sometimes also people. (This can dovetail with ancestral relations but that’s at least a whole nother piece of writing.)

I have since brought the technique to a live performance setting. Sometimes I’ll offer every attendee a reiki hologram of their self, or scatter reiki hearts around the room for people to bump into. Sometimes I’ll infuse the music with a reiki hologram of itself (works for recorded music too). Sometimes I’ll draw a rune or tarot card for specific ideas for reiki holograms — snow, sunshine, a light show, etc. Recently I tried sending a reiki hologram of an epic light show into the future to an upcoming event; when I arrived to play, there actually was a badass light show set up.


A few weeks ago, our neighbors’ landlord cut down every tree on his property. (Another neighbor is doing the same as I finalize this draft. Wassup Seattle!) This has a very negative effect on our experience of the house we ourselves rent.

As one attempt at healing the space, I set up a reiki hologram of the trees that had been removed. It didn’t seem to take — every scrap of stump had been rooted out. It was a slaughter. Even my attempts at energy work were spirited away.

It’s been a week & I went out today to look around (it’s Easter, whatever, but it’s a beautiful day so I’ve been wandering around outside a bunch) & seemed to see between the houses (a reiki hologram of) tall, straight evergreens, the kind you often see lining yards here in Seattle. They were mist-swept & perhaps there was ivy, plus ravens or other critters passing through. I was amazed. It wasn’t anything like the scrubby rangy little evergreens that had been there previously, or like anything I myself had pictured.

I went back indoors & told Z, who said:

“Oh yeah, you told me you put up a reiki hologram so I put one up as well & that’s exactly what I pictured.”

Chew on that while you smoke it.

Photo by Lillian Su

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Imagine an unclaimed suitcase on Schrodinger’s luggage carousel, circling endlessly in the flickering fluorescent twilight of an airport that might exist in any of an infinite number of instances in any of an infinite number of dimensions in any of an infinite number of universes. If you could find said suitcase and look inside, you might perceive one possible interpretation of the being that is 5-Track. Or you might not. It all depends, doesn’t it?

Photo by Lillian Su

About the Author

Imagine an unclaimed suitcase on Schrodinger’s luggage carousel, circling endlessly in the flickering fluorescent twilight of an airport that might exist in any of an infinite number of instances in any of an infinite number of dimensions in any of an infinite number of universes. If you could find said suitcase and look inside, you might perceive one possible interpretation of the being that is 5-Track. Or you might not. It all depends, doesn’t it?


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